We plan for a
better tomorrow.

The planet’s natural capital – the natural resources such as clean air, clean water, food and land – are essential for human existence, and in long-term decline. The ever-increasing demands of an expanding and more prosperous global population are exerting enormous pressures on our available natural capital.   Avocet is developing innovative new technologies across a number of sectors, to meet these challenges and ensure that economic advancement can occur alongside the development and preservation of our natural capital.


There are growing pressures on the agricultural sector to sustainably feed the world. The global population is set to grow to nine billion by 2050 and in contrast to an increasing demand for more varied, high-quality diets, the availability of land, clean air and water is in steep decline.

Avocet's concepts help to balance the future demand and supply of food sustainably with new technologies and practices in the agriculture sector.


Global clean energy strategies are underway to create a more sustainable and cleaner future at large scale. With particular focus on agriculture and transport, Avocet is changing the way we create renewable energy for everyone, at a localised level.


Whilst there has been great strides in recent years to protect the earth from the increasing greenhouse gas emissions, more has to be done to address transportation, power generation and air quality; all placing increasing pressure on the earth’s climate and environment.
Avocet is developing clean fuels for air, land and sea which can replace traditional fuels whilst utilising existing infrastructure.